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Why am I getting different events than my friend?
Sometimes when we update the list for the game, to add events or make corrections, some browsers stubbornly refuse to update the local copy of the list. That appears to be what is occurring here. We know that this issue is more prevalent if the game is played on a mobile device within another application's browser, like if you open the game from Facebook or Twitter as opposed to navigating directly to in a dedicated web browser like Chrome or Safari.

One sure way to tell if this is the case is that you will see a different game than you would if you went to on a different device or in a different browser.
How are the events selected each day?
We have a database full of hundreds of events. Every night a random set of 6 are selected. This means that some days might feel harder than others if events occured within a few years of each other. We know that can be frustrating, but that's part of the fun of the game.
The game is no longer showing me which events are in the correct place. How do I fix it?
We suspect the game might just be storing too much information on your device, which may be slowing the processes down. Before the next game you play, you can try tapping Clear Game History—if you tap this it will delete a bunch of the data on your device. Most people find this corrects the game play issue.
The ads are making it hard to play. Do you need ads?
We have been experimenting with placing ads after running the game for over a year and having nearly 2 million games played. Our first priority is keeping the game functional, fun, and free to play so the advertisements do help us offset some of the costs of keeping the game up and running. That being said, we see it as an experiment and want to course correct when it interferes with players' experience of the game. If you have any feedback, always feel free to email us at